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Press Releases

February 1, 2018

OTCXN Named One of 10 Fastest Growing Blockchain Solution Providers 2018.

Using blockchain to solve the hardest problems in the largest markets.

November 1, 2017

DMALINK joins OTCXN’s Early Adopter Program.

DMALINK provides deep liquidity access in the FX Spot market with particular focus on emerging currencies. Clients further benefit from custom pricing access across majors, minors and precious metals.

September 27, 2017

DV Trading Joins OTC Exchange Network (“OTCXN”) as Liquidity Provider

DV Trading, a market maker, will support FX liquidity provision in relevant currency pairs on OTCXN’s network.

July 1, 2017

OTC Exchange Network Product Spotlight

Offering total trade-to-settlement solutions
May 22, 2017

OTC Exchange Network Joins the FIX Trading Community

CEO Rosario Ingargiola named to Digital Currency & Blockchain Working Group

Although OTCXN is already capturing FIX message sequences and storing them on its proprietary Blockchain to drive capabilities like real-time trade match reporting with cryptographic guarantees, I believe that it will take some experimentation and an open dialog among early pioneers to identify and overcome perhaps yet unknown technical hurdles. We hope that we can bring some of our experiences and findings to the Working Group for the benefit of all,” said Mr. Ingargiola.