Global Exchange Network _

Trading, Clearing, Settlement and Lending
- powered by proprietary blockchain

ONE Account



  • Crypto & FX Exchanges
  • Multi-Custodial
  • Assets Stay Cold
  • Streaming Quotes 24/7
  • Dark & Lit Pool
  • Instant Settlement
  • Block Trades (RFQ)
  • Global Liquidity

ONE Account

Access all our network

exchanges and dealers



Assets are 100% secure,

fully collaterized and fully


GLOBAL Liquidity

Liquidity aggregated from

exchanges, institutional and

retail traders… in every time zone

Multi-Custodial Blockchain Network _

Eliminates Trading Counterparty and Settlement Risk

How it works

  1. Trading Platform
  2. Asset Tokenization
  3. Custodian Network


1st and only OTC block trading with instant settlement of both Fiat and Crypto legs and zero counterparty risk.



1st and only aggregation of institutional liquidity that is tradable with one account and zero counterparty risk.



Aggregation of institutional bank and non-bank liquidity accessed with Prime Broker credit through many major Prime Broker banks.



1st and only end-to-end blockchain-based secondary market trading infrastructure for Digital Securities.


What We Do

OTCXN is a global liquidity aggregation and exchange platform for both digital and traditional assets. All trading, clearing, settlement and lending on our network is powered by proprietary blockchain we developed specifically for institutional trading.

Our blockchain backbone uniquely enables us to:

  • Eliminate all counterparty, clearing and settlement risks
  • Clear and settle trades instantly (milliseconds) between traders holding assets at different custodians
  • Prove assets are ‘as represented’ and stored securely at one of our custodians and backing any transaction
  • Remove all unnecessary intermediary costs and pass on those savings directly to our clients

Most importantly, we never are counterparty to a trade, we never expose your assets to intra-day credit risks or end-of day-settlement risks, and we never allow rehypothecation of assets. No other exchange, brokerage or OTC Desk can make these same claims.

How It Works

It’s really simple…


  1. We built a network of the most trusted custodians in the world
  2. We tokenize assets our custodians hold on behalf of their trading clients–anything from fiat, to cryptocurrencies, to natively digital or other securities or commodities
  3. These assets are provably issued onto blockchain ledgers provided to our custodians
  4. We read the ownership of tokenized assets into real-time, pre-trade risk on our global exchange network
  5. Our institutional-grade ECN connects these assets to the deepest global liquidity and matches orders
  6. Newly matched trades are instantly cleared and settled on our custodian’s blockchain ledgers using an atomic exchange that guarantees settlement finality
  7. Asset balances are updated in real-time on the trading network so clients can instantly re-trade assets without any delay

Combining our multi-custodial ledger system with our world-class trading technology stack uniquely lets our clients store their assets cold (safely, securely), but trade them like they are hot!


Digital Assets


Zero counterparty, clearing or
settlement risk


High-Frequency, Trading-Enabled

Instant settlement enable traders
to immediately re-trade in and out
of positions


Exchange partnerships and dedicated market-makers provide traders global liquidity

FX & Prime Brokerage


Broking the Unbroked

Directly connect large institutions with inaccessible counterparties


50% – 90% discount to market

Capital Efficiency

Eliminating capital reserves, bank balance sheet financing and credit provisioning



Borrow programatically against collateral on network


No transfer of assets

Assets stay in custodial accounts of borrower and lender


Lend directly for 10% – 50% premium to market

Our Members

  • Revenue share on trading transactions and lending/borrowing
  • No technology integration required
  • Assets more sticky, remain in cold storage
  • Operate independently or cross-custodian for maximum revenue
  • RFQ block trading venue tor trading with no counterparty or settlement risk
  • instant clearing and settlement of trades and immediate re-tradability
  • Trade anonymously with large number of counterparties
  • AML/KYC cleared by custodians on the network, optional supplementary AML/KYC solution
  • No trading counterparty or settlement risk, assets stay in cold storage at your custodian
  • Trade on the only real aggregated liquidity with a single account
  • High-Frequency Trading with no public ledger transactions
  • ECN with the most diverse and deepest liquidity globally
  • Dark Pool for institutions only
  • OTC Block Trading venue
  • Provability of assets and transactions for fund administrators, auditors and regulators
  • FIX and Rest APIs with colocation and physical cross-connection to ECN in Equinix NY4
  • Receive institutional order flow
  • Cross orderbook with other exchanges with price improvement
  • No technology changes required
  • No trading counterparty risk
  • Simply hold a portion of client omnibus assets at custodian to make orderbook tradable by anyone
  • Eliminate trading counterparty and settlement risk while expanding price distribution without directly onboarding counterparties
  • Move large risk positions with OTC Block Trading
  • Trade anonymously in the Dark Pool or Lit ECN
  • Market-make on exchanges without holding assets at the exchange
  • Repo Financing and Short Borrowing programmatically at scale
  • Lend excess collateral directly, frictionless and without counterparty risk
  • Trade exhaust on the largest liquidity aggregation available
  • Make or Take via FIX or Rest APIs
  • Explore new settlement options

Strategic Partners