Eliminating Trading Counterparty And Settlement Risk

OTCXN is a capital markets infrastructure company using proprietary blockchain technology to eliminate the need for traditional intermediaries and trust between trading counterparties, reducing the risk, friction, and cost of trading.

Our solution provides prime brokerage services where they don’t exist, or where credit limits are restrictive. Trades occur as an atomic exchange on a transparent and provable asset ledger, allowing for instant clearing and settlement.

We improve and replace financial market trading infrastructure by delivering an institutional-grade P2P trading platform. Trading entities benefit from pooled liquidity from multiple exchanges and liquidity providers, as well as a full suite of tools covering the entire trade-to-settlement lifecycle, including:

  • RFQ Trading for OTC
  • Execution Algorithms
  • Real-Time, Pre-Trade Credit Check
  • Access Through Web and Desktop UI
  • Matching Engine
  • FIX API for Makers and Takers
  • Liquidity Aggregation
  • Post-Trade Messaging
  • Smart Order Routing
  • Cryptographic Database

Blockchain Benefits to Capital Markets Infrastructure

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