What People are Saying...

“I can finally store digital assets cold (securely) and trade them like they are hot (liquid)”

"OTCXN transformed Prime Brokerage into a piece of code”

“You’ve built DTCC 3.0 (Depository Trust Clearing Corp)”

"It's like a universal adapter”

"This replaces CLS Bank (in FX market)"

“This is the God-particle for capital markets”

What We Do

OTCXN is a global liquidity aggregation and exchange platform for both digital and traditional assets. All trading, clearing, settlement and lending on our network is powered by proprietary blockchain we developed specifically for institutional trading.

Our blockchain backbone uniquely enables us to:

  • Eliminate all counterparty, clearing and settlement risks
  • Clear and settle trades instantly (milliseconds) between traders holding assets at different custodians
  • Prove assets are ‘as represented’ and stored securely at one of our custodians and backing any transaction
  • Remove all unnecessary intermediary costs and pass on those savings directly to our clients

Most importantly, we never are counterparty to a trade, we never expose your assets to intra-day credit risks or end-of day-settlement risks, and we never allow rehypothecation of assets. No other exchange, brokerage or OTC Desk can make these same claims.

Proudly Presenting Our Team

Rosario Ingargiola

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

John Morris

Board of Advisors

David Ogg

head of fx and trading venues

Rutie Zhou

Principal Engineer, HFT Engineering

Michael Lempres

Board of Advisors