Solution for Global Institutional Foreign Exchange Markets

Solving the biggest problems in the largest markets.

OTCXN welcomes all institutional market segments including Prime Brokers, Non-Bank Market Makers, Regional Banks, Custodians, Retail Brokers, Institutional Investors and Corporates.

Collateral stays safe at custodian

Digitized Collateral Managed in Real-Time on Proprietary Blockchain

No credit intermediaries required

Technology Replaces Trusted Intermediaries and Eliminates Settlement Risk

Real-time clearing and settlement

Purpose-Built Blockchain Technology for High-Frequency Trading

Complete trade-to-settlement solution

Institutional-Grade Digital Asset Trading Network, Provable from Pre-Trade to Post-Trade

Cryptographic point-in-time database

High-Frequency Data Capture with Cryptographic Event Lineage

Direct access to wholesale liquidity

Face Any Counterparty on True Peer-To-Peer Network

OTCXN for Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange (FX) trading is the largest market in the world, and at $5.1 Trillion per day in average trading volume, it’s more than 15X larger than all global stock exchanges combined. Of this, $1.7 Trillion per day is Spot FX, which represents the market that OTCXN is focused on initially, with support for Swaps, Forwards, NDFs also planned.

FX is a fragmented market with many different layers of access, pricing tiers and cost layers, depending on where you sit in the ecosystem, creating inefficiencies that otherwise would be solved by a central exchange and reference rate. Access is ultimately governed by a credit relationship at the highest level. Cost structures are amplified due to fragmentation and a high number of intermediaries involved.

By leveraging proprietary blockchain technologies, we are now able to change the way trading relationships work. Our unique technology solution solves critical credit and settlement issues that currently constrains the system from achieving open access and a lower cost base. Our peer-to-peer trading network is the first of its kind, and provides uniform access to all market participants based on collateral held in their own bank accounts, not cumbersome credit lines. OTCXN delivers direct market access to wholesale pricing to all tiers of clients with complete transparency, while lowering friction, costs and risk, all without requiring clients to make significant technology changes.