First and only OTC block trading with instant settlement of both Fiat and Crypto legs and zero counterparty risk.

  • Zero Counterparty Risk
  • Instant Settlement
  • Immediate re-tradability of assets, no ledger confirms
  • RFQ with Negotiate
  • Fiat vs Crypto
  • Crypto vs Crypto
  • Fiat vs Fiat

First and only aggregation of institutional liquidity that is tradable with one account and zero counterparty risk.

  • Lit Central Limit Order Book
  • Dark Pool
  • Streaming quotes from Liquidity Providers
  • Institutional and retail exchange flow
  • Point of Sale flow
  • Retail mobile app flow
  • Lending and repo financing

Aggregation of institutional bank and non-bank liquidity accessed with Prime Broker credit through many major Prime Broker banks.

  • Lit Book and Dark Pool
  • All-to-All Trading
  • Liquidity from major global banks, asset managers and non-bank liquidity providers
  • Advanced order types to trade across Lit and Dark Books concurrently
  • Blockchain-based market access and trading with zero risk

First and only end-to-end blockchain-based secondary market trading infrastructure for Digital Securities.

  • Any asset digital or non-digital
  • Any primary issuer platform
  • Any blockchain protocol
  • Any custodial cold wallet
  • Any exchange liquidity
  • Multi-custodial ledger network
  • Transaction provability