What’s In a Name?

May 30, 2020 – Well for one thing, a name can be memorable, either in a good way, or in a less than perfect way. A name can be confusing and impossible to pronounce. OTCXN, which was short for “OTC Exchange Network,” seemed so technically correct almost 5 years ago at the company’s founding. However, it has proven to be less than ideal. People often thought we were an OTC desk, or an exchange, or maybe a pharmaceutical-grade opioid manufacturer…..you get the picture.

Why Bosonic?

In quantum physics, a boson is a sub-atomic particle that is the force which acts as the glue that holds all matter together. That pretty much sums up our vision for the digital asset markets.

Our real-time clearing and settlement infrastructure eliminates trading counterparty and settlement risk. It serves as a technological equivalent of Prime Brokerage. This gets rid of fragmentation in the global crypto and digital securities markets.

Our solutions serve as the glue that makes it possible for anyone to trade on any liquidity, from any counterparty, anywhere, from the safety and convenience of their own account at any custodian. We’ll do a much deeper dive on this grand vision in future posts. The play on words with “sonic,” well, that just sounded cool to us.

So hello from Bosonic! We hope you visit often as we learn together in this incredibly dynamic and exciting global marketplace, as we do everything we can to make crypto markets thrive.